Our range of treatments

F rom prophylaxis to dentures: We offer the entire range of modern dentistry to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your entire life. You can get an overview of the different kinds of treatments below, but we are likewise always available for any questions. Simply make an appointment and we will advise you in a personal consultation.

Dental Aesthetics

Our team has special training in the field of dental aesthetics to assure that every customer can achive an aesthetically perfect result. 

Dental Aesthetics

We offer the following services in dental aesthetics:

  • Gentle whitening of your teeth
  • Invisible orthodontic
  • Aesthetic composite fillings
  • Veneer and inlay techniques
  • Crowns and bridges made ??of solid ceramic
  • Aesthetic solutions for part and full dentures
  • Aesthetic implant solutions

Cerec 3D procedures

CEREC 3D is a method of computer-aided production of milled all-ceramic dental restorations

Cerec 3D procedure

Ceramic is a proven high quality material for fillings and dental restorations. It is biologically well tolerated and offers perfectly natural looking results. A unique feature of the method is the possibility of producing dental restorations made ??to measure and fitted directly on the patient. Thus, using the CEREC 3D method all-ceramic fillings and crowns are made directly in the dental office, without imprint and transitional prosthesis - all in just one session! This method is also very popular with patients who want to replace old amalgam fillings in biocompatible and hypoallergenic way.

Modern laser treatment

Modern laser allow for many treatments on teeth, gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity perform in an especially gentle way.

Modern laser treatment

In recent years, the importance of lasers within dentistry has increased dramatically. This is due to the enormous success of its application in treatments, which can be characterized in particular by its high tolerability by patients. With us, the laser finds its use in the following treatments:

  • Endodontics (root canal treatments)
  • Parodontology
  • Small and major surgery (eg. removal of lip frenulum)
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Bleaching of teeth

Digital X-ray

The digital X-ray prodecure used in our practice has replaced the analog X-ray to the largest extent.

Digital X-ray

With this improved method, the patient is exposed to much less X-ray radiation. X-ray images are better evaluated and are easier to store and transport (on CD-Rom or USB stick), so that any patient doesn't have to be x-rayed more often than necessary.


This profesional dental cleaning for children and adults is a preventive measure and is performed by a specially trained dental hygienist.

Prophylaxis (profesional dental cleaning)

Prophylaxis will help prevent diseases of the teeth and periodontium. If necessary, a salt-ray deviceis used to gently remove strongly adhering discolouration. It alsu entails among other things, oral hygiene instructions for home use. Let us advice you and prepare an individual prohylaxis cleaning program for you.

Modern implantolgy

Implantology has become indispensable in modern dentistry and includes the creation of artificial tooth roots made ??of biocompatible materials.

Modern implantolgy

Are you missing a tooth? Protect the teeth adjacent to the gap with an implant. Do you want to avoid a removable prosthesis? Implants serve as pillars for fixed prosthesis. Or do your dentures no longer fit properly, possibly due to bone loss? Implants will make sure that your dentures are held in place securely so you can again eat heartily. No involuntary loosening or moving of your prosthesis any more! Talk to us, we will help you!

Modern endodontics

With modern endodontics (root canal treatment), inflammations of the teeth nerves and the bony root tip area can be treated promptly and effectively.

Modern endodontics (root canal treatment)

Modern endodontics (root canal treatment) is used for the preservation of the tooth, after an irreversible inflammation of the tooth's nerve. If desired a laser can be used for a particularly gentle treatment for these problems. In case the inflammation is too advanced to apply sufficient treatment to the root canal, we can refer you to an expert in this field surgeory.

Modern parodontology

The aim of parodontology is the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases and their after care.

Modern parodontology

An inflammation of the periodontal apparatus is referred to as periodontitis, the most common disease of the tooth-supporting tissues. Periodontitis and gingivitis are caused by bacterial plaque and if left untreated, these periodontal diseases lead to long-term bone erosion. Gingivitis caused by the periodontal pockets, caused by the inflammatory swelling of the gingiva. Tasks of parodontology are prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases and their cure. There are various methods in which we work where appropriate with our oral surgeons. On request, we use the latest laser techniques, their effectiveness and healing for the patient are comfortable.

Telescopic crowns

Telescopes or double crowns are aesthetic and functional connecting elements in combination with removable dentures, that are used if there is a loss of a large number of teeth.

Telescopic crowns

Telescopes or double crowns have been used successfully for many years. In this form of care, at least two teeth are fitted with primary crowns, on which a secondary top part, that is part of the prosthesis, is accurately placed. Advantages of this supply compared to a clamp partials are:

  • Protection of the parodontium
  • Easy care of teeth covered by telescopic crown
  • No visible brackets or fixtures
  • Possible expandability with renewed tooth loss

Partial and full dentures

Partial and full dentures are used to substitute all or a large number of teeth, so that the chewing function, phonetics, and the outward appearance can be restored.

Partial and full dentures

Partial dentures can be fixed on the remaining teeth with the aid of braces or even better with telescopes (in combination with crowns). We are always working together with competent and highly qualified dental technicians, who are always available to help with your consultation and treatment.

Amalgam restoration

You want to remove your existing amalgam fillings? We can offer you the most gentle and careful method for this (using a rubber dam).

Amalgam restoration

To replace old amalgam fillings we can offer the following filling alternatives:

  • Accurately fitting ceramic restorations using the CAD / CAM Cerec system
  • Gold fillings
  • Plastic fillings
  • High quality glass ionomer cements (for long-term provisional fillings)

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry (dental care for children) requires empathy and patience and begins in early childhood, before and during the first dentition.

Pediatric Dentistry (for children)

Unsere Bahndlungen in der Kinderzahnheilkunde beinhalten:

  • Früherkennung von erhöhtem Karies-Risiko
  • Individualprophylaxe (mind. 2 mal im Jahr, wird von gesetzlichen Krankenkassen übernommen)
  • Erkennung von Zahnanomalien und Fehlstellungen zum frühesten möglichen Zeitpunkt
  • Regulierung von Fehlstellungen mit Hilfe Kieferorthopädischer Fachkollegen/innen
  • konservierende Behandlungen von eingetretenen Zahnschäden im Milchgebiss
  • Narkosebehandlung oder Sedierung (medikamentöse Beruhigung) bei behandlungsunwilligen Kindern
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