General Information

Emergency service

Please call the follwing numbers to find out which doctors are on call.

Dental Emergency Service

01805 - 986700

General Emergency medical service (and ENT)

0180 50 44 11035

Information for your visit

We want the best for your teeth. In order to make sure that we can make your next visit at our dental practice the most effective and pleasant, please note the following points:

Fill out our patient questionnaire

To ensure that we can treat and advise quickly and effectively, it is very important - especially for your first visit with us - that you complete our patient questionnaire, so that we have all the relevant information about your medical history, allergies and ailments. Don't feel like waiting longer in the office to fill it out there? Then simply download the questionnaire here and bring the completed one to your next appointment.

Bring your insurance card

We would kindly like to ask you as a public health patient to bring your insurance card to each visit together with some form of identification. Card misuse is a common problem and we are encouraged by the insurance companies to do everything possible in order to prevent it. We thank you for your understanding!

Methods of payment

We work with a billing office, so that you can pay for all treatments by bank transfer if you do not want to pay in cash. For any amount exceeding 50€ you also have the possibility to pay in installments. For any queries please contact us directly.

Useful links

We have compiled a list of useful links which provide thorough information on many topics concerning dentistry:

Dental Association Berlin

General information about treatments, symptoms, doctors and pharmacies in Berlin, as well as emergency services

German Society for Computerized Dentistry

Everything you need to know to computer-aided dental technology. With helpful information about CEREC 3D procedure and digital X-ray which we offer as part of our treatments.

Good to know

Prophylaxis: At least once a year

With thorough dental care and teeth in a healthy condition, you should come at least once a year for check-up in our dental practice. If your teeth tend to be vulnerable, you should play it safe and make an semi-annual prophylaxis appointment.

Our tip: Let us advise on oral hygiene at home and appropriate measures and make an appointment for this purpose.


Amalgam is a very controversial filling material and we don't use anything in our practice, that we wouldn't put in our own mouths. Since amalgam contains mercury which is damaging in certain concentrations and gets absorbed by the liver where it cannot be metabolized, we have decided to protect our patients and hence to no longer use it. Alternatively we can recommend bio-compatible (neutral body) filling materials and are happy to advise you about all the options.


Bad breath is a common unpleasant phenomenon. It is caused by various dental and organic factors. If you have been addressed about this issue or feel that you are affected by this, let us help you and experience a new and fresh sensation in your moth! We will advise you gladly about all the options.

Do you have any further questions?

Contact us directly on +49 30 3911155 or simply use our contact form to get in touch.

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